Where to buy 3D printers in 2018?

Cost of 3D printers are decreasing so rapidly that they are becoming mainstream in consumer homes. Nowadays, anyone can print objects at the comfort of their homes without having to use specialized 3D printing services. Given that, 3D printers are still not mainstream enough that you can pick them up at your local electronics store or other types of retail stores.

There are several locations on the web where you can purchase a 3D printer. The printer will come pre-assembled (or minimal assembly) or in a kit form. Below is a is a list of the best places to buy 3D printers:

  • Amazon.com – Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world.¬†Amazon has a large collection of 3D printers such as the Makerbot, Cubify, etc.
  • 3DPrintersOnlineStore.com – They are one of the biggest 3D printer stores on the web. They carry Makerbot printers, Cubify printers, Printrbot, among many others.
  • Direct from the manufacture – many manufactures of 3D printers provide the option to purchase directly from them. However, note that shipping times can be slower because they do not specialize in logistics of shipping products.

Above is a small list of places where you can buy printers without worrying if what you bought is a fake printer. When you do plan to buy a printer, make sure to read the customer reviews. You can read many discussion about printers on Reddit (/r/3dprinting)

If you know of any other trustworthy places to buy printers, make sure to send us a message.

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