Videos of 3D Printing in Action

Printing a 3D model can be amazing to watch. It is such a new technology that most of the general public are not aware of its capabilities. However, experts know that it does not take a large amount of capital to get started in 3D printing.

Below you will find videos of 3D printing in action. We will share technology videos, actual time lapses of printing, and videos on which materials are the best. Enjoy!

3D Printing Technology Videos

Check out the below video on how to 3D print by the experts at The Creators Project. They explain the basics of 3D printing with a 3-step process.

The website, Mashable, has put out a video about 3D printing. This video is a must watch for beginners because it explains the additive manufacturing process.

3D Printing in Action Time Lapses

Check out this video of a 3D printer making the Andoird figurine. Pretty cool!

This is one is a great closeup timelapses of the MakerBot Replicator make a Yoga model from Star Wars. The details in this video are amazing.

The video below shows a timelapse of making a deer.

This is one of my favorites! An intricate model is created in the video below. Really beautiful to see 3D printing in action.

Video Tutorials of Materials for 3D Printing

We know that ABS and PLA are the most common materials for 3D printing. These have been the go-to materials for a very long time. However, there are several new materials hitting the market as explained in the video below:

And below is a video explaining if you should use ABS or PLA. You can also read about these materials here.

Want more videos

We have compiled the best videos for you here. However, there are hundreds of videos on platforms such as Youtube. Do a few searches and you will many videos that will teach you the very details of 3D printing.

We also recommend checking out our FREE guide to 3D printing on the sidebar.