Useful things to print at home

A collection of practical stuff for you to print at home


3D printing is undoubtedly going to have a huge impact on our daily lives, especially with so many DIY and repurposing projects happening all around us.

Here is a list of common objects that already have a number of different 3D print designs available. So think of different colors, shapes, and patterns that you desire, and keep these design preferences in mind when you imagine how you could customize these everyday objects for your own needs and personal surroundings.

Click on any picture below to see more from our collections of useful things you can print at home.


Home Decor –

vase, lamp, picture frame, coasters, tray, candy dish, bowl, candle holder, statue, bookend, basket, shelf …


Kitchen –

bowl, cup, lid, funnel, strainer, trivet, tea pot, chopsticks, chip clip, cookie cutter, cocktail stick, espresso tamper …

2012-12-21_08.48.00_preview_featured cup_preview_featured egg1_preview_featured zheng3_cocktail_arsenal_preview_featuredIMG_1795_preview_featured


Bathroom & Medicine Cabinet –

toothbrush holder, soap dish, towel hook, shower curtain ring, pill box/bottle/divider, id bracelet, finger splint …

2011-04-16_23.15.18_preview_featuredIMG_20120107_183943_preview_featured3960554712_6f60cab893_o_preview_featured IMG_20110102_140446_preview_featuredphoto_8_preview_featured






Office & Technology –

bookmark, business card holder, nameplate, tape dispenser, stand/case/frame for phone/tablet/paper …

IMG_0415_preview_featured_DSC0970_preview_featuredIMG_20130106_233428_preview_featured PaperStandUp_preview_featuredP1010268_preview_featured


Garden & Outdoors –

plant pot/stand, bucket, rake, shovel, hose nozzle/spout/mount, fly swatter, birdhouse, owl statue, flag mount …

IMG_9805_preview_featuredjtronics_birdhouse_01_preview_featured4784100983_60e70b3602_o_preview_featured Owl_FacingRight_02_preview_featuredspout_preview_featured



replacement part, outlet plug, wrench, socket, mount, gear, bracket, rack, box, clip, cover, holder, knob, handle …

3d_printed_key_preview_featured IMG_0331_preview_featured20130112_185631_preview_featured 6253058985_f22b493cb1_b_preview_featured IMG_0477_preview_featured


Toys & Games –

cars, figures, building blocks and Legos, numbers and letters, puzzles, dice, chess pieces, rattle, whistle, kazoo …



Jewelry & Accessories –

bracelet, ring, necklace, earrings, bag, shoes, clothes, hat, belt, glasses, button, thimble, hanger, mask…



Seasonal & Gifts –

personalized or message objects, ornaments and other decor, and check out these great gift ideas

DSC_0427_preview_featuredcat_mask_preview_featured3DPrinted_Christmas_Ball_002_preview_featured 2012-08-11_22.11.14_preview_featured heart1_preview_featured




You could customize and print all these items and truly much, much more! As well as all kinds of helpful or fun designs you didn’t even know existed, all because this amazing technology has enabled someone else to realize and share their design idea with others. So, get inspired and get printing!