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Pros: FlashForge Creator Pro has a large print area, quick heat dissipation, minimal noise, and can handle ABS and PLA materials. Materials are loaded on the dual-spools at a respectiable speed. It includes a LCD panel for status updates.
Cons: A bit of tinkering is needed during the setup process but that is expected. Overall, not any major flaws.

FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro ReviewThe FlashForge Creator Pro is the top-of-the line 3D printer after its 1st generation counterpart. This 2nd generation FlashForge is indeed more efficient and shows exactly the advances that are happening in the 3D printer industry.

In addition, this 3D printer is now simpler to use for the general public. This means it is even applicable to those who may not have a strict engineering background. The device is essentially small enough to fit on a desktop inside your home or if you are lucky enough, a workroom.

Review of the FlashForge Creator Pro

We have reviewed this 3D printer in terms of its technical features, outer features, and software features.

What’s Inside

The Creator Pro has enough space (320 x 467 x 381 mm) to essentially create small to medium-sized items – more than enough for the hobbyist. The device features a steel chassis and aluminum for quick heat dissipation. In addition, it includes a dual-spool feed for production of 3D models quickly.

flashforge creator pro dual extruderThe FlashForge Creator Pro has blue interior lighting for the cool-effect. It houses a dual extruder header with a 0.4-millimeter nozzle. The materials that can be used include ABS or PLA. They are loaded onto the dual-spools at a speed of 30 to 160 mm per second. This is relatively fast for a 3D printer. The resolution of this 3D printer is excellent due to the flat aluminum plate leading to detailed resolution deposits of 100-300 microns. Overall, with the Flash Forge Creator Pro, the models you will create will have no flaws.

User Interface and Software

The hardware part of this printer is on par with leading 3D printers. However, how does the user interface and software stack up? The printer houses a top-notch LCD panel for easy-to-see statuses. Several buttons are also present in the next to the LCD display for easy access. The software uses the open-source Replicating, MakerWare, or it can be connected directly to a computer using the USB interface. The Flash Forge 3D printer is compatibility with Apple Mac, Linux, and of course Windows.

FlashForge Creator Pro’s Outer Build

We have discussed the insides and software of this 3D printer, but how about the outer build? Since most hobbyists may not be lucky to have a specific room in their home for building, the printer may need to be in a public place in the home. In this next generation Flash Forge printer, a metal surrounding is used to give it that sleek look. In addition, the enclosure allows for less heat and noise dissipation. The gate of the device is an acrylic panel allowing the designer to watch the printing without any obstructions. In general, this printer can be situated in your home without any issues from guest and family members. It will actually add to the home décor!


We did a comparison of the FlashForge Creator Pro to the Lulzbot Mini printer. The Lulzbot is actually more expensive and turns out has less functionality compared to the Creator Pro. See below for the comparison.

LulzBot MiniFlashForge Creator Pro
Build Size6 x 6 x 6.2 inches8.9 x 5.9 x 5.7 inches
ConnectivityUSBSD card / USB
Operating SystemWindows, Mac, LinuxWindows, Mac, Linux
Layer thickness0.05 - 0.50 mm 0.1 - 0.3 mm
Other FeaturesNo dual extruder
Resolution: 50 micron
Dual extruder
Resolution: 100-300 microns
PriceMore expensiveCheaper

FlashForge Creator Pro – Printing Time Lapse

Check out this video below for a time lapse of printing. Very cool!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this FlashForge 3D printer Creator Pro review useful. We highly recommend this printer for any beginner or expert. It has all the features to get you started in 3D printing!