• Ease of Use
  • Accuracy
  • Price
  • Speed
Pros: Can use PLA and ABS. Jam detection. Quiet. Light weight and ergonomic. Intelligent auto-standby after being idle for 5 minutes. Durable and reliable. Easy to use controls. LCD display
Cons: Poor instructions. Hand-powered, do not expect 3D printer quality creations.

7tech 3d pen reviewThe 7Tech 3D Printing Pen is a simple and easy to use creative tool that uses plastic filament instead of regular pen ink. The Printing Pen is ergonomic, automatic, and easy to use out of the box. The purpose of the pen is not for part creations like those of 3D printers, but for more artistic, spindly creations done by free hand.

The 3D pen works like a 3D printer’s extruder, heating up the plastic filament until it melts and then forcing it through a nozzle to deposit it. The advantage of a pen is that is allows for free form creations and does well with more two-dimensional designs.

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What’s in the Box

The 7Tech 3D Pen box comes with the pen itself, ready to use; an AC power adapter ; 3, 10-gram spools of 1.75 mm ABS filament in random colors; and an operation manual.

Capabilities of the Pen

71hsvOaIVdL._SL1500_The 7Tech Pen has several features that brings it above all the rest on the market today. The Pen has an LCD display that makes temperature and speed selection a breeze. In the event of a jam the pen will also display an error message here.

There is also a one finger speed control that switches the pen between a slower extrusion rate for intricate design work and faster extrusion for simpler work. The Pen can also detect when plastic has stopped moving through it and jammed; there is a reverse function that usually can fix the jam but some users have reported that this can fail.

The temperature can also be controlled between 160 and 230 C, allowing the Pen to extrude both PLA and ABS (many other pens only do one or the other). As mentioned above the pen does come with ABS spools; they are not a lot of plastic overall (full printers generally use spools a hundred times larger), but they are enough to get you started with the Pen. Manufacturers typically do not recommend using any plastic besides their own with their products and 7Tech is no different. The Printing Pen uses standard 1.75 mm filament however, and other quality filaments can be used, just be careful that you are not voiding any warranties by using the other filaments. 7Tech does offer their own selection of plastic spools in a rainbow of colors, so going out and buying bulk plastic filament may not be the best option, especially if you want to create something colorful.

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Why a 3D Pen?

71MAwPdD32L._SL1001_3D pens are generally an artistic tool due to their freestyle nature. They allow the user to doodle in 3 dimensions as opposed to just on a sheet of paper; although many people report that a sheet of paper is a good place to start extruding on, the plastic sticks well to it. 3D pens do have other uses; they can be used to decorate objects and be used in conjuction with full 3D printers in to weld smaller parts together.

A 3D pen is a lot like a hot glue gun: it melts down a stick (or in this case a spool) of material that hardens again once it cools off. The plastic used in the pen is generally more rigid than hot glue and solidify a lot faster, allowing the creation of objects seemingly in thin air. When used in conjunction with a 3D printer, this means that the pen can be used to effectively ‘glue’ tow smaller parts from the printer together, or weld layers of a single part back together if they start to pull apart. This process can ruin the surface of the part though, so if you do want to try this be careful; it may jus be easier to break out the super glue.

As for decorative purposes, a 3D pen has a major advantage over the printer because it can print onto just about any surface the plastic can be made to stick to. This includes round objects such as cups, flower pots, or glasses.

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Why the 7Tech 3D Pen?

The 7Tech pen is one of the best on the market today. It has the capability to extrude in both of the two most common plastics and is the easiest to use with its LCD display and simple controls. The lightweight, ergonomic design is quiet when in use and there are safety features to make sure that the pen doesn’t stay hot if you leave it alone for too long.

7Tech’s 3D pen is also kid friendly; the recommended age is 8 and up, making this a great gift for a budding artist. With practice and patience, this pen can be a great tool.

Final Thoughts

The 7Tech 3D Printing Pen is one of the best out there. The 3D pen is not for those who want accurate, detailed models that 3D printers can make but is intended instead for those who want a more freestyle experience. Solid construction, lightweight and comfortable design, as well as safety features and the ease of use of this particular pen make it a great tool to have.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the 7Tech 3D Pen on Amazon.com