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  • Manufacturer: FlashForge
  • Model: Creator
  • Assembled: yes
  • Weight: 15 kg (33.1 lb)
  • Dimensions: 320 x 467 x 381 mm (12.6 x 18.4 x 15 inches)
  • Print Area: 225 x 145 x 150 mm (8.9 x 5.7 x 5.9 inches)
  • Speed: 40 mm3/sec
  • Layer Resolution: 0.1-0.5 mm
  • Software: ReplicatorG
  • OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Connect: USB to computer, SD card
  • Material: ABS


  • Dual extruder
  • LCD display and multi-directional control pad
  • Includes 2 spools of ABS filament
  • Based on open source design
  • Finest layer resolution (4-way tie)!

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FlashForge Creator Dual Extruder 3D Printer

Based on the open source, Flashforge Creator has duly adjusted and improved some functions and details of the electric circuit board. It uses high quality components and the automatic production technology to ensure the stability of its circuit board.

Flashforge's standard-colored circuit board. High quality components and parts and SMT and reflow soldering assembly line ensure the quality of stability of the board.

Independently designed power circuit board. it works more stably and can effectively avoid being overheated, which is the problem in the open source circuit board design.

Based on open source design technology, the exclusively designed heating platform, increases the heating speed and enhances the stability. In addition, it possesses stronger adhesive force which reduces the degree of ABS being curled.


Technical parameters

Theoretical Positioning  resolutionZ axis 0.0025mm,XY axis 0.011mm
Printing resolution0.1-0.2mm
Layer thickness0.1-0.5mm can adjust,layer thickness can achieve 0.1mm
Build Area225*145*150mm
Nozzle caliber0.4mm
Motion shaft speed40mm/s
Nozzle flow velocity24cc/t
Recommend Nozzle temperature230℃
Heating plate temperature120℃


Material typesABS filament
Material colorwhite、yellow、red、blue、black、green
Material specificationsDiameter 1.75-1.8mm


Extruder quantity2
Maximum control temperature260℃
Packaging size565×430×525mm
Power supply requirements220V,power300W
Print file formatSTL format
Operating systemWindows xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux, Mac OX
Operation interfaceChinese / English
LinkSD k or link computer

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