Manufacturer: Fabbster
Model: 11-1
Assembled: no
Dimensions: 590 x 470 x 540 mm (23.2 x 18.5 x 21.3 inches)
Print Area: 225 x 225 x 210 mm (8.8 x 8.8 x 8.3 inches)
Speed: 500 mm/sec
Layer Resolution: 0.25-0.4 mm
Software: netfabb Engine for fabbster
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Material: ABS (must use Fabbster sticks)
*uses SDM (Stick Deposition Moulding)
*includes all tools required for assembly


Fabbster 11-1 3D Printer Kit

fabbster prints three-dimensional objects from different plastic materials. The device comes in a compact box as a partially assembled construction kit. The kit is completely mounted within about three to five hours. fabbster combines high quality 24V electronics and stepper drives guided by linear ball bearings with stainless steel and plastic components reinforced by fiberglass.
Next to these high-quality features that make the fabbster stand out from other personal 3D-printers, fabbster also introduces a new innovative technology in terms of melting the material:

SDM – Stick Deposition Moulding

The extruder of the printer is fed with special sticks developed by the fabbster team. These sticks are characterized by a cogging-shape. They are made by injection molding and are more precise than the common spooled filaments. Amongst all the innovations that come with the new material system, one feature stands out in particular: A form-locking drive system without slip. The result is a precise dosage of the melt. This way you are able to print objects with optimal material properties.

The sticks are automatically fed to the extruder via a supply magazine. There are plenty of different colours available. The fabbster supply magazine allows you to easily combine them to produce multicoloured objects!


Technical Specifications