Previewing the New Dremel 2.0

Dremel Idea Builder2 1This June, Dremel will be releasing a new version of their Idea Builder consumer 3D printer. With an updated design
and new features, the Dremel Idea Builder 2.0 will add more advanced features and promises to continue being a reliable and trustworthy printer for beginners.

Tentative Details on Features

The Idea Builder 2.0 will have all the same features as the original Idea Builder Dremel released in early 2014. These include a large, easy to use color touchscreen controls; ready to use out of the box, untethered printing via SD card;  a completely enclosed, rugged design that reduces noise and keeps out dust and debris; as well as top notch customer service and support.

The new model will also boast new, more advanced features for users that improve its functionality while maintaining the simplicity that makes it approachable for hobbyists and new users.  These updates include remote printing via Wi-Fi and the Dremel 3D app or software, active filament monitoring to protect against failed builds, better motion control to further reduce noise, a larger print area, and 2-point semi-auto bed leveling.

Since the new printer isn’t out yet, exact details on how well these new features work isn’t available and likely won’t be until reviewers and consumers get their hands on the machine. Dremel’s name does give some confidence that the printer will live up to and surpass its predecessor in capability.

Potential Issues?

Dremel Idea Builder2 2The only item to be wary of is the active filament monitoring. Many 3D printer companies use this type of technology to prevent consumers for using any plastic filament other than the company’s own proprietary stuff, which is usually marked up. It’s unclear whether or not you will be able to use other manufacturers’ filaments on the Dremel Idea Builder 2.0, but if Dremel continues doing what they do with the original Idea Builder then you could use other filaments, however you just void the warranty by doing so.

It is also unclear whether or not Dremel will include a heated build plate this time. Heated build plates allow for different types of plastic, like ABS, to be used on a printer. With the original Idea Builder, they opted to forgo the heated bed, limiting the machine to PLA plastic only. Dremel sells build sheets for the Idea Builder which are durable and allow parts to adhere during printing but easily be removed when finished. The images of the Dremel 2.0 show these pads come with the machine, indicating that a heated bed is unlikely. Still, the larger build volume should be enough to make up for that.

Final Thoughts

So, should you be excited for this printer? If you are in the market for an entry consumer printer, perhaps for a classroom or garage setting, then this is certainly a printer to wait and see if it lives up to what you want. It’s definitely going to be a better investment than a Makerbot. If you are a more advanced user then this probably won’t be the printer for you, a FlashForge or Lulzbot may be more of what you are looking for