3D printer software for beginners

Where to start? While 3D printing a model or product at home can be a simple process, creating your own models from scratch can have a slightly steeper learning curve. 3D software, like that used for movies, games and industrial design, is now capable of creating anything we can

3D printer review: Afinia H-Series

In our very first printer review we’ll be taking a closer look at the popular Afinia H-Series 3D printer. As some of you on our Facebook page may remember, we were fortunate enough to have recently been sent a 3D printer to test and review from Afinia,

Finding and using free 3D models

Time to 3D print some free stuff. Getting your first 3D printer is an exciting time, but once it arrives you may find yourself staring at the printer like a writer at a blank page. What on earth are you going to print? The learning curve for

3D scanning with 123D Catch

What is 3D scanning and what is it used for? 3D scanning is the process of collecting data on the surface of an object and creating a 3D representation of it. High-end professional scanners work by beaming lasers onto the surface of an object and measuring the distance of each reflected point. This

Top 5 tips for better 3D prints

Getting the most from your 3D printer. Getting started with a home 3D printer might not be quite as “out the box” as you would hope, but achieving great results from your printer needn’t be a struggle. At times, 3D printers can be as frustrating as they

Why buy a home 3D printer?

First things first – what is a 3D printer? To someone hearing about 3D printing for the first time, it can sound like something out of a science fiction movie. 3D printers use material, typically plastic filament, to print, layer by layer, 3D objects. 3D models (STL

Choosing a filament: ABS vs PLA

Decided to buy a 3D printer? Next step is choosing what filament to use for your 3D prints – ABS or PLA? Our guide will help you choose. Every printer needs some sort of “ink” and for 3D printers that ink is known as “filament”. Different filaments

Useful things to print at home

A collection of practical stuff for you to print at home 3D printing is undoubtedly going to have a huge impact on our daily lives, especially with so many DIY and repurposing projects happening all around us. Here is a list of common objects that already have

3D printing process – A basic guide

What is 3D printing? For many, 3D printing is a new concept. The idea of fully three dimensional objects being “printed” at home can sound like something straight out of a science fiction story. The reality is, however, that the process was not only conceived nearly three decades ago, but has been

3D Printing Techniques

A description of 3D printing methods As with any new technology, 3D printing is developing and evolving, and companies are competing to set what will be the industry standard. Currently, the most popular way to create prints is to use Polylactic Acid (PLA) as the filament (think ink in