Anatomy of a 3D printer

Understanding the basic parts of a 3D printer. Learning the basic ins and outs of your home 3D printer will not only help you when troubleshooting any problems you may encounter, but also help you when choosing which printer is best suited for your budget and your needs. While learning

Unusual uses of 3D printing

Some of the more surprising ways in which people are using 3D printers. From edible shoes to a printed fetus, the limits of 3D printing are being put to the test with a whole host of interesting and unique uses for this exciting and emerging technology.

20 awesome things to 3D print at home

A collection of fun, useful and outright awesome things for you to download and print at home. All models are available FREE of charge. One of the greatest things about 3D printing is the community of people around it. Thousands of models are available for free at

Gifts you can print

Print something special for that special someone.   Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present, or just to make someone smile, printing out your own unique 3D model can make for a very special gift. From vases to headphones, 3D models can be customized and modified to