Microsoft adds 3D printing support to Windows 8.1

As part of the launch of Microsoft’s updated Windows 8.1 operating system, the team hasĀ announced native driver support for 3D printing.

Using very similar dialogue boxes to those used in the past for inkjet printing, Microsoft’s integration of 3D printer driver support aims to make the transition to printing in three dimensions a familiar one.

In a new video from their On The Whiteboard series, Microsoft visitsĀ Seattle-based MakerHaus to explain why they are making 3D printing a part of Windows’ future.

“We want to make 3d printing as easy as printing a Word doc.”


Speaking in the video, general manager of product management Shanen Boettcher talks about Microsoft’s desire to make 3D printing from Windows as simple as using your home inkjet printer; “We want to make 3D printing as easy as printing a word doc” says Boettcher, but is Microsoft jumping the gun or ahead of their time?