Are you a 3D printing enthusiast? Or are you a professional CADer who would like to explore Additive Manufacturing and specifically 3D printing to get some information? Or have you already made your mind about joining in on the hype of what has come to be known as the third industrial revolution?

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Literary Resources

Check out our list of articles that talk about the devices, the discipline and the diversity in this upcoming industry. Read up on all the latest developments and find about manufacturers, with comparisons of products and so much more.

  1. History of 3D Printing
  2. DLP vs. SLA
  3. 3D Printing Accessories
  4. 3D Printing and Piracy
  5. Different File Formats
  6. What are the Best 3D Printer Brands?
  7. Best 3D Printer Software Reviews


Take a look at the resources below, amongst many others, that teach you how to get started with 3D printing and how to deal with all the problems and challenges you’re going to face along the way.

  1. Build Your Own 3D Printer
  2. Designing a Quadcopter Frame for 3D Printing
  3. How To Achieve Smooth Prints
  4. 3D Printing Process: a basic guide
  5. 3D printing with Two Colors: a basic guide

Buying Guides

Are you looking to buy a 3D printer or other related hardware? Have you checked out a few but are not sure which one to empty your pockets on? Worry no more, because our comparison tool allows you to put devices side-by-side and view the best and the worst of all products. Check out some of the printer comparisons below:

Guides for 3D Printers

  1. Compare 3D Printers
  2. Best 3D Printer Kits
  3. What are the Best 3D Printer Brands?

We also highly recommend checking out the in-depth reviews of FlashForge FinderRobo 3D R1 PlusElectron 3D Slimbot, and UP Mini 3D Printer Review.

Guides for 3D Pens

3D pens have been growing rapidly. This is because they are low-cost and easy to use for everybody, especially kids. Check out some of our top articles for 3D pens:

  1. What is the Best 3D Pen?

We also have in-depth reviews of several high-quality pens: 7Tech 3D Pen and 3Doodler 2.0.

Other Hardware

The 3d printing market is growing rapidly and everyday their are new pieces of hardware to make your life easier. Check out some of the other guides we have:

  1. Best 3D Printer Extruder
  2. Best 3D Printer Filament