Coming soon – Buccaneer 3D printer review!

The highly anticipated Buccaneer 3D printer from Pirate3D will be released soon!

And here at we will be granted access to this 3D printer that is causing quite a storm.

Once production of these printers is complete, we have been promised the chance to test and review this exciting, new 3D printer and, naturally, we will be sharing all our news and results with all of you, here on the site.

Many have questioned whether or not pictures of this printer are even real, claiming that 3D renders of the machine had instead been shown. We can not wait to put those rumors to bed, get our hands on this machine and see, in person, just what it can really do.

Game Changer.

The Buccaneer promises to be an absolute game changer for home 3D printing. If this machine can live up to the ever-growing hype, its affordable price tag could blow a hole in the market share of its competitors. At less than half the price of the Up! Mini and nearly 8 times cheaper than the MakerBot Replicator 2, this printer could really shake things up for 3D printing’s ‘big boys’.

What Pirate3D could also do with this machine (or more specifically its price) is open up 3D printing to a much larger audience and take it away from the realm of the ‘hobbyist’ and a step closer to the homes of everyday consumers.

We’re very excited about what the Buccaneer could mean for 3D printing and can’t wait to tell you all about it.

We were also fortunate enough to have the chance to interview “Chief executive pirate” Roger Chang. To find out  what he had to say about the Buccaneer and whats next for Pirate3D, check out our interview here.



Pirate3D press release.

Pirate3D is proud to reveal its zen-inspired and ultra-minimalistic designed 3D printer, the Buccaneer™, to the world.

Looking nothing like the normal run-of-the-mill 3D printer, the Buccaneer™ is an ultra-minimalistic machine with no buttons. The front facade has a monolithic aluminum face with a single indicator light, encased within a polished acrylic housing. The Pirate3D’s flagship 3D printer communicates wirelessly to your mobile computing devices (smartphones or webpads).

“We looked at what was available on the market, and didn’t like anything we saw,” says Tsang You Jun, Pirate3D’s chief of design and creativity. “We spent months interacting with users and potential customers, and our insights are people want a 3D printer that is simple to use, an object of affection in your home, and a productivity tool that is center of attraction in your office.”

Pirate3D went against traditional spool-design and introduced the revolutionary central-feeding cartridge. “To provide an insanely great user experience, we have to remove the tyranny of unsightly spool, protruding filaments and difficulties in consumables installation,” says Roger Chang, CEO of Pirate3D. “We studied various existing 3D printer configurations, user interaction, handling of the spool and filament and we received horrendous feedback!” The Pirate3D’s patent-pending design is a top-loading cartridge with central-feeding: easy to handle and load/unload for printing.

The device also incorporates a filter in the rear which greatly minimizes odours from the 3D printing process.

Although the Buccaneer™ has a small footprint of 25cm by 25cm, the Buccaneer™ boasts a 150mm by 100mm by 120mm print area. The 3D printer uses the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) process, which is similar to other consumer 3D printers on the market