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How to Get Smooth 3D Prints

Ever wanted to get rid of those layer rings on your 3D prints? If you can’t afford to have your models printed by high resolution printers like those used at Shapeways, you can still get great looking prints at home by using a little post processing magic.

3D print sticking techniques: Hairspray

Extra hold or old wives’ tale? One of the less conventional (and messier) ways to help your models stay stuck to your build plate is the use of hairspray. In this review, we take a look at just how effective using hairspray is and compare a number of

Support removal: Tips, tools and techniques

The final step. Printing out your 3D model is often times not the end of the creating process. Complex models or overhanging models will most likely have some support material or raft that needs to be removed. For the perfectionists among you, the point where supports attach

Top 5 tips for better 3D prints

Getting the most from your 3D printer. Getting started with a home 3D printer might not be quite as “out the box” as you would hope, but achieving great results from your printer needn’t be a struggle. At times, 3D printers can be as frustrating as they

20 awesome things to 3D print at home

A collection of fun, useful and outright awesome things for you to download and print at home. All models are available FREE of charge. One of the greatest things about 3D printing is the community of people around it. Thousands of models are available for free at

Gifts you can print

Print something special for that special someone.   Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present, or just to make someone smile, printing out your own unique 3D model can make for a very special gift. From vases to headphones, 3D models can be customized and modified to