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Choosing a filament: ABS vs PLA

Decided to buy a 3D printer? Next step is choosing what filament to use for your 3D prints – ABS or PLA? Our guide will help you choose. Every printer needs some sort of “ink” and for 3D printers that ink is known as “filament”. Different filaments

3D printing process – A basic guide

What is 3D printing? For many, 3D printing is a new concept. The idea of fully three dimensional objects being “printed” at home can sound like something straight out of a science fiction story. The reality is, however, that the process was not only conceived nearly three decades ago, but has been

Anatomy of a 3D printer

Understanding the basic parts of a 3D printer. Learning the basic ins and outs of your home 3D printer will not only help you when troubleshooting any problems you may encounter, but also help you when choosing which printer is best suited for your budget and your needs. While learning