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Best 3D Printer Filament in 2018

As 3D printing technology has developed, many materials have been tested in many different forms. There have been printers that use pellets, powders, liquid polymers, slurries, and even chocolate. Today, however, consumer printers predominately use plastic filaments. Why is that? Well, plastic filament is not as messy

Beginners guide to 3D printing software: Part One

Getting to grips with geometry. So you’ve seen what 3D printers can do, heck you might even be lucky enough to get your hands on one. The next step is knowing how to create your awesome 3D models and get them off the screen and into your

3D printing with Two Colors – A basic guide

So you have a dual head printer, but how do you make a two color print? Making multi-colored prints can be a little frustrating at first, but the process itself is quite simple. Understanding how a 3D printer uses and builds a multi-colored print will help you

Dual Extruder 3D Printers – What you need to know

Looking at buying a dual or multiple extruder 3D printer? Perfect! Now you can print twice as fast, right? Well, not exactly. The benefits of having two (or more) extruders are perhaps not as obvious as you may think. The easiest trap to fall into is thinking

3D printing file formats

For anyone wanting to 3D print an object, you will need to convert your 3D model to a .STL file format. STL stands for Stereolithography file and is a file format specifically designed for the layering process used by 3D printers. But 3D models, or ‘meshes’, are used

3D printing stocks – A guide to investing in 3D printing

While the options for immediate investment in 3D printing may seem limited, there are some 3D printing stocks available as well as a number of existing companies who are set to reap the benefits of early adoption of this exciting and world changing technology. During the personal computer boom of the late ’80’s

3D printer software for beginners

Where to start? While 3D printing a model or product at home can be a simple process, creating your own models from scratch can have a slightly steeper learning curve. 3D software, like that used for movies, games and industrial design, is now capable of creating anything we can

Finding and using free 3D models

Time to 3D print some free stuff. Getting your first 3D printer is an exciting time, but once it arrives you may find yourself staring at the printer like a writer at a blank page. What on earth are you going to print? The learning curve for

3D scanning with 123D Catch

What is 3D scanning and what is it used for? 3D scanning is the process of collecting data on the surface of an object and creating a 3D representation of it. High-end professional scanners work by beaming lasers onto the surface of an object and measuring the distance of each reflected point. This