20 awesome things to 3D print at home

A collection of fun, useful and outright awesome things for you to download and print at home. All models are available FREE of charge.

One of the greatest things about 3D printing is the community of people around it. Thousands of models are available for free at websites like Thingiverse, to name but one. If you would like to know more about where to get free models for your printer, check out our 3D Printing Resources page. With thousands of free models to choose from, your only problem will be deciding which to print. We’ve searched the web to bring you a collection of some of our personal favorite free 3D prints.

Avocado Pit Germination Holder

1. Avocado Pit Germination Holder

Created By sa7ina

“Fits in a generic plastic cup and fits all pit sizes.”





2. Shower Head

Created by ErikJDurwoodII

“Are you looking for a fairer faucet? Let me be your angel, Charlie!”






3. Ear Bud Holders

Created by sneakypoo

“As a bonus, it has a very satisfying clack sound when you close it up ;)”



Oreo Protector


4. Oreo Protector

Created by Greasetattoo

“This is a Oreo protector. This case will hold one Oreo. In case of emergencies!”



Duplo hexagon railroad crossing

5. Duplo Hexagon Railroad Crossing

Created by satoer

“If you like it and print one yourself, please share a picture. I always find it fun to see others using my designs.”




Slanted stacking bins

6. Slanted Stacking Bins

Created by cymon

“The floor of these bins are slanted towards the front. Half sized bins are also available.”




Customizable iPhone Case

7. Customizable iPhone Case

Created by MakerBot

“Make a personalized iPhone case.”




Human Skull8. Human Skull

Created by JamieLaing

“Downloaded the model from the Sketchup Warehouse and it printed nicely.”




13-30 Printable Headphones9. Printable Headphones

Created by jmabry

“One of the coolest home prints ever!”




gopro hero3 frame10. GoPro Hero3 Frame

created by TheCase

“I took inspiration from raster’s original design, but added traps to lock the camera in place.”




Qui gon jin's Lightsaber11. Qui gon jin’s Lightsaber

Created by sirmakesalot

“Another lightsaber mega project. This one is a likeness of Qui gon jin’s lightsaber that Kenobi used to slice Darth Maul.”




TV Remote adaptor for seniors12. TV Remote Adaptor for Seniors

Created by RichMac

“Granddad needed a new TV, but could not use the remote with its 45 tiny buttons. So I made this cover which clips on, with just the 3 big buttons he needs.”




Snap Together Mini Lamp13. Snap Together Mini Lamp

Created by MakerBot

“A snap-together derivative of Mattraptions’ Mini Desk Lamp.”




Bag Holder14. Bag Holder

Created by ivanseidel

“Handle lets you comfortably carry multiple bags.”




Bag Clip15. Bag Clip

Created by Drayde

“Handy clips to seal bags and keep things fresh.”




Low Poly Mask16. Low Poly Mask

Created by kongorilla

“I’m going to say something your friends have been afraid to tell you: You could stand to lose a few polygons.”




A Crown of Pens17. A Crown Of Pens

Created by hakalan

“A pen or pencil holder in the hyperboloidian fashion.”




Zombie Cookie Cutter18. Zombie Cookie Cutter

Created by maushammer

“This is PacManFan’s awesome cookie cutter, but with a little extra material to make it stronger.”




Lenshood19. Lens Hood

Created by matmoser

“Lens hood matching the Olympus 12mm f2.0 lens or possibly other designs with a 48mm barrel size.”





20. HobbKnob

Created byErikJDurwoodII

“Print this little guy, then slide a label in the track to showcase a brief description of the drawer’s contents!”