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Ember: 3D Printing – The Autodesk Way

Ember is the DLP-based hardware that Autodesk is putting out there in response to the lack of open source hardware and software technologies available in the additive manufacturing or 3D printing realm. The software that has been popularized along with the Ember printer is Spark, the 3D printing

Best Kickstarter 3D Printers Available Today

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform allowing people to collect funds for the realization their ideas. People check out your idea and if they like it, they donate something to your cause or your project. With this kind of crowd-funding, many 3D printing projects have come up from

Spark: 3D Printing – The Autodesk Way

Off the bat, the first thing you should know about Spark is that it is just a software, not the hardware. The hardware or complete 3D printer by Autodesk is called “Ember” and we’ll talk about it in the next article. For now, let’s see why Spark has

3D Printing Accessories

Whether you’re a 3D printing-enthusiast out of hobby or profession, the discipline and the technology have come a long way, in these very few years. We have had enough developments in the additive manufacturing realm for the commercial as well as the personal market to have multiple