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UPS announces in-store services for 3D printing

Today UPS has announced it will be making 3D printing available to consumers through a new in-store service. Beginning in the San Diego area of California, select UPS store locations will be offering the service to small businesses as well as consumers. The company also said they

3D printing organs

From science fiction to science fact, 3D printed organs are making their way into the world of medicine. At first, the idea of 3D printing organs for transplant ‘on demand’ sounds like something out of the movies. However, machines that promise to regenerate living human tissue, replace

3D printing stocks – A guide to investing in 3D printing

While the options for immediate investment in 3D printing may seem limited, there are some 3D printing stocks available as well as a number of existing companies who are set to reap the benefits of early adoption of this exciting and world changing technology. During the personal computer boom of the late ’80’s

3D printing is good news for the economy

Can 3D printers create jobs? It would be unfair to talk about 3D printing and economics without acknowledging that when it comes to 3D printers, it’s very much a case of good news and bad news. For those who read our article on the real threat from 3D printers,

Advantages of 3D printing over traditional manufacturing

Additive vs subtractive manufacturing – what’s the difference?   The two processes defined.   Subtractive manufacturing is the process of beginning with more material than is needed and selectively removing what is not required until the final shape emerges. This process is easily explained by using the

Interview with Roger Chang – Pirate3D Buccaneer

Few 3D printers have caused as much of a storm in the 3D printing world as Pirate3D’s Buccaneer 3D printer. Recently launched on startup website Kickstarter, Pirate3D’s Buccaneer reached its target goal within the first 10 minutes, and looking at the refreshingly simple machine, it’s easy to see why it has

3D printers and NASA – Going where no printer has gone before!

One small 3D printer for man, one giant idea from NASA! Well to be honest, it’s more like 3 giant ideas from NASA! More than most, the legendary American space exploration team realizes the potential versatility of 3D printers, and they are pouring money into research and development of

Why companies are turning away from 3D printed weapons

With all the negative talk about 3D printed guns, it’s no wonder companies are turning their backs on 3D printed weapons. First it was trinkets, thingummies, and small whatchamacallits used to see how well the layer-by-layer 3D printer was able to replicate a given object. Then it

Why 3D printers are great for schools

As teaching aids and creative outlets. 3D printers have been hitting the headlines of late, from 3D printed guns to NASA developing printers to use in space, but how can this hot new technology be put to a positive use for the average person or family? We take a look