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FlashForge Creator 3D printer review

Before we get started, this isn’t a typical review here at Often times we are contacted by the 3D printer manufacturer to review or write about their machines, and generally the printers arrive pre-calibrated and in tip top shape. For this review of the FlashForge Creator,

Support removal: Tips, tools and techniques

The final step. Printing out your 3D model is often times not the end of the creating process. Complex models or overhanging models will most likely have some support material or raft that needs to be removed. For the perfectionists among you, the point where supports attach

FlashForge Dreamer 3D printer specifications and price!

Last week we brought you news that makers of the popular Creator 3D printer, FlashForge, are releasing a new model named the Dreamer. This week we’re happy to be able to share specifications of FlashForge’s latest release and most importantly the cost to end consumers.

3D printing with Two Colors – A basic guide

So you have a dual head printer, but how do you make a two color print? Making multi-colored prints can be a little frustrating at first, but the process itself is quite simple. Understanding how a 3D printer uses and builds a multi-colored print will help you

Coming soon: FlashForge Dreamer 3D printer

FlashForge Creator’s big brother, The Dreamer, is on its way. The release date is yet to be set, but makers of the popular and affordable Creator 3D printer, FlashForge, are getting the 3D printing world buzzing with just a single image, promising that the successor to the

3D printing and piracy

The next big lawsuit for file sharing? While 3D printing is still an unknown for many people, there are some who are well aware of its capabilities and are already stockpiling 3D models downloaded from websites and file sharing programs. Even though there are a number of

3D printer resolution – What it means and why you should care.

The importance of 3D printer resolution. Simply put, the resolution of a 3D printer relates to how thinly your extruder can print. The thinner the extruder can layer your model (measured in microns), the higher the printer resolution. To properly understand why this is important, you must

Dual Extruder 3D Printers – What you need to know

Looking at buying a dual or multiple extruder 3D printer? Perfect! Now you can print twice as fast, right? Well, not exactly. The benefits of having two (or more) extruders are perhaps not as obvious as you may think. The easiest trap to fall into is thinking

3D printing file formats

For anyone wanting to 3D print an object, you will need to convert your 3D model to a .STL file format. STL stands for Stereolithography¬†file and is a file format specifically designed for the layering process used by 3D printers. But 3D models, or ‘meshes’, are used

Microsoft adds 3D printing support to Windows 8.1

As part of the launch of Microsoft’s updated Windows 8.1 operating system, the team has¬†announced native driver support for 3D printing. Using very similar dialogue boxes to those used in the past for inkjet printing, Microsoft’s integration of 3D printer driver support aims to make the transition