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FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro Review

The FlashForge Creator Pro is the top-of-the line 3D printer after its 1st generation counterpart. This 2nd generation FlashForge is indeed more efficient and shows exactly the advances that are happening in the 3D printer industry. In addition, this 3D printer is now simpler to use for the

Videos of 3D Printing in Action

Printing a 3D model can be amazing to watch. It is such a new technology that most of the general public are not aware of its capabilities. However, experts know that it does not take a large amount of capital to get started in 3D printing. Below

How to Get Smooth 3D Prints

Ever wanted to get rid of those layer rings on your 3D prints? If you can’t afford to have your models printed by high resolution printers like those used at Shapeways, you can still get great looking prints at home by using a little post processing magic.

3D Printing Opportunities: Making money from 3D printers

3D printers can make you many things, but one you may not of realized is money. For those savvy to the new technology, 3D printers provide many benefits and uses for both large and small scale businesses. Opportunities exist both through the direct use of 3D printers

3D Printing Resources List

Bookmark  our resources list for easy access to everything you need to learn about, and use 3D printers. 3D Printing is developing an incredible rate. New services, printers and softwares are appearing almost weekly. We will be updating our resources list regularly to keep you up to

3D print sticking techniques: Hairspray

Extra hold or old wives’ tale? One of the less conventional (and messier) ways to help your models stay stuck to your build plate is the use of hairspray. In this review, we take a look at just how effective using hairspray is and compare a number of

Beginners guide to 3D printing software: Part One

Getting to grips with geometry. So you’ve seen what 3D printers can do, heck you might even be lucky enough to get your hands on one. The next step is knowing how to create your awesome 3D models and get them off the screen and into your

Doctors make breakthrough with 3D printed blood vessels

Talk of 3D printing blood vessels is nothing new, but being able to actually do it is. 3D bioprinting is not exactly a new idea. Countless articles and news stories have been written about the possibilities of using 3D printers in the medical world, but we have

Autodesk announces new open source 3D printer

New open source 3D printer & 3D printing platform could be a game changer. For a long time, Autodesk has been the market leaders in 3D software. From architects designing complex structures with CAD, to CGI artists wowing audiences with Academy award winning visual effects, they have

Kapton tape vs. Blue painter’s tape

Head-to-head comparison. Keeping your models firmly placed on your print bed during the printing process is crucial to getting a high quality print. Many of us have known the disappointment of returning to your awesome print in progress only to find the corners lifting off the print