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The Zeus All-in-one 3D Printer Review

3D printing or additive manufacturing is the process of melting a solid to the point that you can ooze out a layer of that material from a nozzle and using multiple layers physically print in 3D as opposed to 2D on paper. The technology that has allowed

Glyby Intelligent 3D Pen Review

The Glyby Intelligent 3D pen is a standard plastic filament-melting 3D pen that is surprisingly reliable. The Glyby pen comes with the pen itself, available in four colors, along with the power adapter, instruction manual, and 3 different colored lengths of ABS filament. Several users have reported

AtmosFlare 3D Pen Review

* Like all 3D pens, operating this device is as easy as pushing a button, however using it in a way that will produce recognizable shapes or objects takes hours of practice. The AtmosFlare 3D pen is a unique 3D pen that uses UV-cured resin to build

Qidi Tech 1 3D Printer Review

The Qidi Tech 1 is a low-cost alternative to a Makerbot or even the Flashforge Creator Pro. Like the Creator, Qidi’s printer is a clone of the Makerbot that cuts a few corners to save money. Qidi goes a step further than FlashForge , and you certainly

Robo 3D R1 Plus Review

Robo 3D’s R1 Plus printer is an update to their R1 printer that was funded on Kickstarter a few years ago. Meant to be affordable yet versatile, the printer is aimed at beginner and intermediate printer users. It has everything you could need on a printer, but

3Doodler 2.0 3D Pen Review

In the world of 3D printing pens, the 3Doodler is the biggest name and the first pioneer in the technology. The new 2.0 pen is a leap forward from the original model and fixes several of the problems that plagues the original; however it is not without

Best Accessories for a 3Doodler 3D Pen in 2018

The 3Doodler pen, by WobbleWorks, is a popular product that is ranked as one of the best 3D pens and was also the first 3D pen to the scene.  The original 3Doodler pen was released through Kickstarter in September 2013 and the updated 3Doodler 2.0 was released later in

Electron 3D Slimbot Printer Review

The Electron 3D Slimbot is a low-cost printer kit that offers a good set of capabilities to a maker with a tight budget. What’s in the Box? There’s an entire printer in the box and everything you need to get it running. Unlike most of the printers

Stratasys Mojo 3D Printer Review

The Stratasys Mojo is a professional-grade 3D printer designed to be used in the office as easily as one would use a traditional 2D printer. Everything about it has been designed to be intuitive and user friendly. It is intended to be used as a prototype model

FlashForge Finder 3D Printer Review

Flashforge has been a big name in the world of 3D printing ever since they stated copying the makerbot and surpassed it in quality and affordability. They became so well-known and renowned that Dremel even adapted one of Flashforge’s best models into one of their own. Now