3Doodler What Will You Create? Project Book Review

3Doodler What Will You Create Project BookIn 3D printing, sometimes beginners and arts and crafts masters have a hard time coming up with something to start a new project or just pass the time. There are moments that your mind just feels blank and cannot think of any design that would satisfy you. The last resort is to look online or scan a book from which we can get ideas or inspiration. One such book that can open our minds to a new set of artistic ideas is the 3Doodler What Will You Create? Project Book.

This book contains so many fun and creative ideas. You can start brainstorming and come up with a 3D masterpiece. This book is available for a low and affordable price. This is a good and detailed 3D art reference for beginners and experts.


  • It aids you in planning or drawing new ideas.
  • You can easily come up with your very own artistic 3D masterpiece by just scanning the books.
  • The book comes at a reasonable and affordable price.
  • The book includes an easy and ready-to-use stencil.
  • It has high-quality images. All the art references and ideas are all printed vividly with crystal-clear quality.
  • Each design has steps and instructions making it easy to understand
  • The book is informative and applicable to most 3D printing pens.
  • This will provide long hours of fun to you and your family as you work on your projects.

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  • 3Doodler® What Will You Create Project BookIt can help you a lot in building and developing your 3D craft. It teaches you how to be more innovative with your designs.
  • You’ll be surprised that there are certain designs you never thought would be possible to create with your 3D pen.
  • It includes different 3D drawing and printing techniques to hone your skills and make you more confident, comfortable, and efficient to execute.
  • The ideas are unique and can be compared to professional ideas. It will level your skill up a certain rate in a short time.
  • This could also serve as an inspiration to young and inquisitive minds in investing their time in the field of art to explore and break the limits of their talents.


  • For a professional level or skilled artist, the ideas in the book are not at all challenging or new.
  • Although very informative, the book does not have an estimate of how much materials you are going to use.
  • Some of the pages only include the final piece and not a step-by-step illustration.


The 3Doodler What Will You Create? Project Book is a great investment for you and your kids. It helps in building the skills and improving them in a short span of time. It also shows high-quality images so that you can easily refer to them. The sets of ideas included are unique and not at all hard to replicate. This book can also be the source of inspiration in creating your personal masterpiece. This is a book recommended for 3D printing artist.