Get creative and build your own 3D models.

One of the most amazing things about 3D printing is having the ability to change the shape of a model to exactly what you want. Commercial 3D software can quickly become very expensive and complicated, and really isn’t necessary, given all the fantastic FREE software available. Below is a collection of some of the best free software options available to you. Download your free software and get creative!

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Autodesk-123D-01Autodesk 123D

Autodesk 123D is a free collection of 3D modeling software integrated with content and fabrication services including Catch, Design, Make, Sculpt, and the new Creature.


Blender is the most popular, free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems. It’s very powerful and takes some time to learn. Intimidating at first, but hang in there and you’ll master it.


Google SketchUp is a free, innovative and intuitive 3D modeling program that is used by both beginners and advanced users alike. It’s easy to learn, but doesn’t have the newer features of some other programs.

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