What is the Best 3D Pen in 2016?

When a 3D printer is printing an object, it uses an extruder that heats up a plastic filament and extrudes it through a small nozzle. This extruder assembly is connected to a carriage that can be precisely moved in three dimensions; either with X-Y-Z axis (usually referred

3D Printing with ZBrush

ZBrush was conceived with sculptors in mind. Hence it is no surprise that the tool allows you to CAD like a sculptor. The advent of wooden polymers has opened doors for sculptors who could only model and design using CAD software before. Now, they can print and

Best IndieGoGo 3D Printer Projects

IndieGoGo is the biggest name in online crowd-funded incubation platforms and rightfully so. Just under 15 million visitors every month means the community is booming and the funding is coming in. And with that so are the results of those investments. In the personal 3D printing arena,

Ember: 3D Printing – The Autodesk Way

Ember is the DLP-based hardware that Autodesk is putting out there in response to the lack of open source hardware and software technologies available in the additive manufacturing or 3D printing realm. The software that has been popularized along with the Ember printer is Spark, the 3D printing

Spark: 3D Printing – The Autodesk Way

Off the bat, the first thing you should know about Spark is that it is just a software, not the hardware. The hardware or complete 3D printer by Autodesk is called “Ember” and we’ll talk about it in the next article. For now, let’s see why Spark has

3D Printing Accessories

Whether you’re a 3D printing-enthusiast out of hobby or profession, the discipline and the technology have come a long way, in these very few years. We have had enough developments in the additive manufacturing realm for the commercial as well as the personal market to have multiple

Glyby Intelligent 3D Pen Review

The Glyby Intelligent 3D pen is a standard plastic filament-melting 3D pen that is surprisingly reliable. The Glyby pen comes with the pen itself, available in four colors, along with the power adapter, instruction manual, and 3 different colored lengths of ABS filament. Several users have reported

AtmosFlare 3D Pen Review

* Like all 3D pens, operating this device is as easy as pushing a button, however using it in a way that will produce recognizable shapes or objects takes hours of practice. The AtmosFlare 3D pen is a unique 3D pen that uses UV-cured resin to build

Previewing the New Dremel 2.0

This June, Dremel will be releasing a new version of their Idea Builder consumer 3D printer. With an updated design and new features, the Dremel Idea Builder 2.0 will add more advanced features and promises to continue being a reliable and trustworthy printer for beginners. Tentative Details

Qidi Tech 1 3D Printer Review

The Qidi Tech 1 is a low-cost alternative to a Makerbot or even the Flashforge Creator Pro. Like the Creator, Qidi’s printer is a clone of the Makerbot that cuts a few corners to save money. Qidi goes a step further than FlashForge , and you certainly

What are the Best 3D Printer Brands?

The 3D printer movement of recent years has been an outpouring of relatively lower end technology that had been available to the industry for decades. 3D printers have been around since the late 1980s but had been available only to large companies requiring specialized design and prototyping